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❞Nobody feels pain as deeply as I do. No one suffers like I do. I am different, I am alone.❝

Independent Nergal Jr (& Older!Junior) "Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy" RP Blog.

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I want an Aku roleplayer buddy ;n;


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A mix of nsfw, crack, fluff, angst, etc.


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I’ll upload 6 drawings every Thursday from here on out ^^ enjoy!

Artwork Thursday is what I’ll call this ha~


Ferguson Man Forms an Inspiring Team with Cop Watchers to Hold Police Accountable [Video:]

Your dashboard has been graced by our savior Fred and his holy message, “Fuck her right in the pussy”.

I wanna change my URL but I dunno if I wanna let it go because it’s as close to I can get as nergal-jr, which is already taken.

Introduce your muse!

Name: Nergal Jr
Age:  4, Looks 10
Height: Short
Eye Color: Lime Green
Hair Color: Black

Sexual Orientation: Unknown
Species: Nergal / Human
Nationality: American 
Positive Weaknesses: Affection
Allergies: None
Fears: Betrayal
How sickly they are: None
Relationship Status: Single / Multiship

Junior Tells His Story (Headcanon Stuff)



" Eh, soo you’re not  originally from this paaathetic planet of meat and haaair? ” he blinked taking it all in. Listening to the story, he suddenly smirked.


" HA! I KNEW you had to be something far superior than a mere hyoooooman! Did he happen to mention what your orignal planet is? Or wheeere? ” Someone give Zim a metal for ACTUALLY listening!

Did Zim even listen? Droning a soft sigh, Junior rolled his eyes over to the side, explaining “Zim, this is our original planet. Dad and I, are the only ones left of our species. He was around before Earth became the degenerate planet it is.”

"Suffice to say, I’m more Earthling than every single human on Earth combined. I wonder what technology my dad and his family used before the asteroid hit Earth."

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"… Nope."

"Nope nope nope nope."


Junior Tells His Story (Headcanon Stuff)




The irken nodded. “Yes, yes. I am HERE, as you requested! . My presence is amaaazing and you are honored..blah blah. Skip the formalities— Now whats on your braintubes? TELL ME! Telll to Ziiim..”  speaking a mile a minute, as he had transported in. Dominating the conversation with his egotistical greetings.

Before taking a seat across from Junior. peering at the cup slantedly. As if trying to figured it out.  

" Ehh, it does seem like a relatively young planet. Compared to irk, that is. But eh,  I’d venture to say that’s not tooo far off from the aging it shows.  Why?”

"Well, my father— Oh wait. Umm… Parental unit, told me why I am the way I am. And why there aren’t any others like me and him.”

Junior crossed the fingers of his hands together, gazing up at the rock ceiling. “Well, homosapient beings weren’t the only ones to civilize Earth. There was another race. I’d say a million or so years ago, a race of beings that called themselves Nergals ruled the world like how humans rule it now.”

"As you know, I can’t die. That’s why the Nergals prospered. They died only when they chose to. So population was not an issue. My parental unit was a scientist. Not a special one but he said he was small-time. But he researched big things and when he found out that something was going to strike Earth, and told everyone, nobody did a thing. Nobody except for him.”

Junior twiddled his thumbs over another, recalling the story that was told to him.

"So he moved to Earth’s core. Here. And once the meteor hit Earth, all life ceased to exist. Every Nergal to exist died, except for him. Years passed. Eventually dad forgot his own name. But he wanted to rebuild his people."

Heaving a heavy sigh, he concluded it with “The one you see before you? Ancient extinct alien.”





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For everyone who has a dash in their URL


You probably noticed that tumblr doesn’t track stuff with dashes right in your tracked tags. It gets really inconvinient when other people don’t know this and put the dash in. You never see their what they tagged you with.

But there’s one easy way you can see who tagged you and put a dash in there!

You type this into the search bar like so:

this-has-dashes would be entered as,has,dashes/recent

You can also use this when people don’t tag posts about you, too.

You can’t track searches, but you can take a look every now and then so you don’t miss anything.

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