Nergal Jr




The irken gave a sly sexy grin , dropping his hand when the crumb was gone. He took one of the jelly filled. ” And suffer he shall! Suffer at the MIGHTY HAND of Invader ZIM! ” He grinned, most excitedly.  

Unfortunately, he got so excited he squeezed the donut . The jelly squirted out right in Zims face ” AGH! IM BLIND!”  

Flailing now, like a fish.

Junior just stood there with a dull expression on his face while he flailed. He calmly approached the kitchen counter to rip a few paper towels off of a roll, before re-approaching the irken.

"Easy," He muttered, standing right next to, and over Zim, maintaining this I can’t believe this expression while he took the paper towel and wiped it right over Zim’s reddish eyes. The rest of his face too was beginning to get jelly wiped off, gently.

Once that was over, he balled up the used towels, and discarded them into the garbage bin.

Mighty Zim can’t handle a little bit of jelly,” He teased, returning to his seat.

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"No, nothing like that .. Zim must be the one to do it. nemesis thing , you might not understand. " he flicked a sprinkle on the table.

Locking his gaze upon Juniors lips. ” You eh, you got a little something right there”..  he leaned over the table, brushing the crumb from the corner of Juniors lip. 


He stood still as the finger brushed over the corner of his lips. Junior giggled, batting his eyes at the green one. “Thank you~,” He purred, reaching forth for another donut.

"Well if you’re gonna do this nemesis thing, good luck then. I’ve no shame in having you kidnap and experiment on Sperg for me.” He gave quite the evil grin. “As long as he suffers I’m content.”

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"Oh, come on." That was a confession if he ever heard one. He’s heard versions of this story from Zim all the time at school. "You must be working with Zim!" Pause. "Or trying to take his mission.. But you’re still trying to destroy or take over the world!" And you can chalk up Dib as another accuser. 

"Dib, think for a minute. If I want to destroy the world, that would mean no more books to read." He pinched the spot between his brows, letting off an irritated sigh. "And I don’t want to take over the world, you humans are nuts. You’d probably… Nuke me or something."

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He glanced down at the ground before glancing back up raising an eyebrow. First thought was to wonder if this was a joke. But there was no snicker with the words and a few things about Junior’s appearance seemed off. “You’re not human. What are you?”

"Before you start accusing, I am not an alien nor do I seek world destruction. I prefer reading." How defensive. Then again he is always accused of being malicious once people piece together that he is indeed not human.



He swallowed hard around the lump of chewed dough, in order to speak. “You don’t understand. The Dib is my best(fr)ENEMY. His destruction must be WORTHY! Especially after ALL the miserable things that  hyoooman has DONE to me. 


Though when he caught sight of the tongue, it perked one of his antennae. He was really looking forward to getting that blood sample now ( and some other things.) to learn more about it. 

"Hm," He sighed, raising a brow at the box of nuts of dough. "Stuff’s not bad. Must be locally made."

Name-brand donuts were usually really small. At least the ones his father likes.

"Well… I don’t know how to help you exactly. I mean I don’t condone killing so forget sending me to his place on your behalf."

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I’m back.

Gonna play some video games. Send me a message sometime.
I have Skype!

Gonna play some video games. Send me a message sometime.

I have Skype!




The irken slipped beside him, reaching into the box for one of the pink frosted rings of dough, with the rainbow sprinkles on top. The irkens long segmented tongue lashed out, licking over his lips.


" Ugh the Dib! Nothing ruins my appetite like the DIB!" he hissed.  Still holding the donut but not eating it . " It’s not that simple. Despite being human, the pitiful dirtchild is clever. He is good at getting under my skin and thwarting ALL my attempts to destroy him previously.  No! The Dib deserves the most creative revenge. Revenge  FITTING for his GIANT HEAD!"

After his rant he promptly stuffed the donut in his mouth.  It was a complicated situation with the Dib, and very volatile.

"Uhh…" Bite! Chew, chew, chew. Swallow.

"Well if he’s ruining your plans, who cares if it’s creative? If he’s gone, he’s gone. Earth would be yours." He took another bite of the glazed donut, finishing it off before he licked his own lips with his green, forked tongue.

"Well, you’ll still have to go through a ton of people. But hey, I’ll be around!"




"Heh, thanks. You should hear me sing!"  he accepted that as a compliment.


"Teleporter? Hey, that’s not a bad idea. I’ll have to get on that.. BUT FIRST! Snaaacks." he held up a digit as they emerged from the toilet. Hoping down from the bowl. 

He headed straight for the white, square box atop the fridge. Setting it upon the table, flipping it opened. There was an array of multi colors. Some glazed, some chocolate covered, some powdered covered, others jelly filled.  

Junior stared at the donuts, before slowly resting his bottom on an open seat, making sure to sit next to Zim. “Snaaaacks,” He repeated, staring at the delicious pastries. Donuts were pastries, right?

He reached forth for a simple glazed donut and takes a bite out of it, speaking with his mouth full.

"So… You seem to hate this Dibworm. Why don’t you just send killer robots to his house or something?”

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The irkens eyes widened a bit, whoops. He got carried away . His turn to blush. ” Eh, Yes. COMPUTER! Bring us to the house level! ” He commanded, somewhat deafening Junior in the process.

No sooner uttered, than the lift ascended the two back up the clear tubing.

He winced at his borderline screaming. Junior gave a sharp glare to Zim, taking his finger to gently rub at them. “You scream like a banshee,” He muttered whilst the lift carried them up right out of the toilet into the kitchen.

"Wouldn’t it make more sense to have a teleporter or something?"




Zim took in the flustered appearance of his companion, pressed so close. ” Maaaaybe.”Came the deep low coo ” If the mood strikes me”  he teased a sly smug smile playing upon his features. 


Zim had to admit , he found it amusing— dare we say cute, how awkward Junior acted when he was embarrassed.

He felt the irken’s hot breath brush against his own face, and Junior’s cheeks glowed yet a darker shade of red. “… C-Can you, ermm… Turn the lift on now?”

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The irken blinked curiously at the nudge, following beside him, until they stepped upon the platform. Fitting into the tube meant squishing close together again. Pressed chest to chest.


 ”pfft! I’m too clever and amazing to be caught. Even the Dib-worm hasn’t been able to secure me, continuing to fail many, many, maaany times!”

Junior had no problem with squeezing together to fit through the lift. In fact he enjoyed the closeness. Junior’s was flustered. He pressed his chest firmly upon the green one’s, and giggled at his cockiness.

"So about this whole you finding out that I like you deal… You’re not going to rub it in my face or tease me about it, are you?”

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